Who do I notify if my son is sick or has a doctor appointment?

If your son will be absent or tardy, please email Kim Murphy at kmurphy@downtownclevelandhotels.net 和/或Drew Hyche dhyche@downtownclevelandhotels.net 或拨打(828)684 -6232分机. 181. If your son is a boarder and he becomes sick, he should check in with the Wellness Center.


AOD代表值班管理员. The position rotates between a handful of administrators who are the main point of contact for the school outside of office hours. AOD的电话是828-242-8114. 学生在任何时候离开校园都应该打电话给AOD.

What form does my boarding son need to fill out prior to a school break?

在校外休息或周末之前, students have to complete the leave request process using Orah. 去了解更多关于奥拉星系的信息, reference this email and direct any questions to the 学生生活 Office (studentlife@downtownclevelandhotels.net).

Where can I find a list of student activities available to the boys?

The 学生活动 Office plans a range of events and trips for students that range from concerts to movies. 在这个链接上查看每周可用的内容.


The school dress code varies depending on day of the week and 详情请参阅本网页.


Dorms are equipped with washers and dryers available to students. Additional dry cleaning and laundry services are provided by Varsity Dry Cleaners. Students should visit the 学生生活 Office to set up a Varsity Dry Cleaners account.


联络Kim Murphy (kmurphy@downtownclevelandhotels.net)给你儿子安排一笔零用钱.

My son is now driving and has a car that we’d like him to keep on campus. 我们该怎么办??

联络人:朱海琪(dhyche@downtownclevelandhotels.net)为您儿子的车辆安排停车位. The 学生生活 Office manages and coordinates all students vehicles.

My son is coming home on a break – does the school provide any transportation to my area?

The school provides shuttles to many locations throughout the southeast for a fee. 前往阿什维尔机场的班车免费. View more details, including pricing and shuttle destinations here. 要在班车上预订座位,金·墨菲(kmurphy@downtownclevelandhotels.net),并模仿你的儿子. If you’re reserving an airport shuttle, please include a copy of the flight itinerary.


你可以 view the dining menu by downloading the Touch of Sage app on your phone. Either log in or register for a new account and select Christ School (zip code 28704) as your location. iPhone用户可以 在此下载应用程式 安卓用户可以 点击此链接.


Boys can purchase toiletries and other items from the school bookstore. Another option is for the boys to take the weekend trips to Target and Walmart, which are offered nearly every weekend through 学生活动.



For general questions, you can call the main school line – 828-684-6232 – or email Kim Murphy (kmurphy@downtownclevelandhotels.net). 有具体问题,请参考此 “联系谁”页面 that provides contact details based on departments and topics. 一般 教职工名录在这里.

I’m not receiving the Weekly Parent Email 十大赌博平台排行榜letter – how do I sign up?

Every current parent receives the Weekly Parent Email 十大赌博平台排行榜letter. 如果你没有收到它, check the Spam or Promotions folder in your email browser to ensure the newsletter isn’t getting misplaced by a filter. 如果你在这两个文件夹里找到了邮件, 右键单击并将电子邮件发送到您的主要收件箱. 如果你没有在这些文件夹中找到邮件,请发邮件 cscommunications@downtownclevelandhotels.net or call Graylyn Loomis, Director of Communications at 828-684-6232 ext. 101.

How can I meet other parents and/or volunteer at Christ School events ?

The Parent Council is a group that supports and provides resources for current Christ School parents. The Parent Council also volunteers their time at various school events, 确保为学生提供良好的体验. 你可电邮至家长委员会(parentcouncil@downtownclevelandhotels.net)或了解更多关于该组织的信息 在这个链接.

For information on volunteering opportunities (including a form to sign up), 访问此页面.

如何登录OnCampus ? OnCampus的用途是什么?

你可以登录OnCampus 使用此链接. OnCampus允许学生计划他们的日程安排, 记录成绩, 留意一下学校的日历. The web-based system also allows parents to track their son’s progress from home and gives them quick access to teachers and advisors. If it is your first time logging in to OnCampus or if you forgot your password, 点击此链接.

What events do I need to attend throughout the year as a parent?

请上网查询 校历(可在此查阅) 或OnCampus中提供的家长日历. Both of those resources mirror each other and display all key events throughout the school year. 一般, 家长应出席报名周末, 父亲/母子周末, 返校节和家庭周末, 十大赌博平台排行榜拍卖会(两年一次的活动), 和毕业.

Where should I stay when visiting Christ School and Asheville?

查看此网页 where we outline suggested hotels in Asheville and near school. 这取决于一年中的时间, 阿什维尔有时会很忙, so we recommend booking far in advance in those seasons (particularly September and October).


除了办公室的 大学指导手册 你在哪里可以找到大多数问题的答案, the 大学的指导 Office is always available for advice or questions (If you have questions about 大学的指导, 联系柯克·布莱卡德, 导演(kblackard@downtownclevelandhotels.net)或副总监崔西(tweldon@downtownclevelandhotels.net). Every parent and student is a member of the 大学的指导 Group in OnCampus, 包括额外的资源.


你可以 捐赠给十大赌博平台排行榜 或直接与晋升部联络(进步@downtownclevelandhotels.net 或828-684-6232分机. 103).


你可以 place an order from the 书店 in person (it’s located in the Patrick Beaver Student Center), 通过电话(828-684-6232分机. 133), or 在网上商店. The 书店 carries everything from school supplies to Christ School clothing, mementos, and more. (Note that the online bookstore carries a limited selection from what's available in the physical store.)


你可以 change your mailing and email addresses in Account Settings in OnCampus, 或联络Kim Murphy (kmurphy@downtownclevelandhotels.net)直接.


For any accounts or tuition-related payments or questions, contact Lane Shelton (lshelton@downtownclevelandhotels.net)在商务办公室. (Note that credit card payments aren't accepted for tuition.)

How can I get more involved and connected to Christ School as a parent?

家长委员会有很多不同的方式来做志愿者, 来到校园, 或是常年远道而来的帮助. As a parent or guardian, you are automatically a member of the Council. 他们每年秋天都会在家庭周末聚会. 访问 他们的网页 了解更多你可以联系的方式!